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Curb Painting Address Numbers

Curb Painting  Is An Opportunity That Can Make Up To $300.00  In One Day!

   Curb painting address numbers on curbs is a way to start a painting business opportunity that doesen't involve a big investment and that can be done on weekends, the reflective curb painting address service can make you part time money, you can start from home, and can be learned quickly.

   I came across the idea for reflective curb painting from an ad I had seen in a full page article in a money making magazine that described this  service after ordering the kit less then $300.00 I handed out the flyers as stated in the manual. I got a decent response, but found that after  the curb numbers were painted, they were not at all reflective as the flyer had stated.

   After researching magazines and surfing the net and being dissapointed with the results I came up with a more effective flyer and method to paint the numbers for homes that was highly reflective, and I was able to get a better response. 

   To learn more about this home address business go here!  Address Curb Painting

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